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Housing Dept. delivers 3,000 spaces for solar energy applications

Eligible New Energy program participants may receive a grant of up to $30,000 for the installation of a renewable energy system.

By The Star Staff

Less than an hour into the process, the Housing Department on Monday delivered 3,000 spaces available to allow island families to complete an application for the installation of a system of solar panels and batteries under the Community Development Block Grant-Hazard Mitigation New Energy program.

“As we had anticipated, the response to this program was massive and we are very pleased that 3,000 families have already gotten their turn and can begin the process to obtain a renewable energy system,” Housing Secretary William Rodríguez Rodríguez said in a written statement. “Once again we show the need that exists on our island, and the good news is that we will open more rounds soon to deliver more spaces.”

Eligible participants may receive a grant of up to $30,000 for the installation of a residential renewable energy system.

The grant amount may cover the costs of design, permitting, equipment, assembly and anchoring, installation, commissioning and end-user training in relation to a renewable energy system (panels and battery) for the property.

Once the first phase is completed, participants who obtained a turn can begin to complete their applications on the web portal or by visiting an admissions center. The web address is, which also includes a list of admissions centers and their locations.

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