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How will Uber’s pick-up and drop-off work for the Sanse festival?

Ride-hailing service Uber has established a pick-up and drop-off area in Old San Juan to elevate the user experience and allow visitors to easily get to and from the San Sebastián Street Festival starting this Thursday.

By The Star Staff

As islanders and visitors prepare to celebrate the traditional San Sebastián Street Festival in Old San Juan starting this Thursday, ride-hailing service Uber, with the motto “Get On and Off with Uber,” will have a pick-up and drop-off area available that seeks to elevate the user experience so that they can easily get to and from the festival.

The area, located in Puerta de Tierra in Old San Juan, will be just a few minutes’ walk from the epicenter of the celebration starting Thursday and running through Sunday.

“For Uber it is very important to contribute to the country’s mobility,” said Carolina Coto, communications manager for Uber in Central America and the Caribbean in a written statement. “We want Puerto Ricans, visitors and driver partners to have a positive experience getting to and from the San Sebastián Street Festivals. Requesting a trip through the Uber app will allow them to arrive and leave easily and more safely in an area designed for them.”

The company also shared the itinerary for the use of the area, so that users can “get on and off” with Uber for the holidays:

lJan. 18 and 19 from 12 noon to a.m.

l Jan. 20 and 21 from 9 a.m. until 3 a.m.

Instructions for users:

l Getting to Old San Juan:

l For starting points in areas in Old San Juan the app will automatically assign the “Uber Fiestas de la Sanse Zone”

l The driver will enter through the special assigned lane and leave you at the indicated point.

l Leaving Old San Juan:

l When the user decides to exit, the process is the same. Just request the trip in the app by writing any point in Old San Juan and the app will automatically redirect you to the location that appears as “Uber Fiestas de la Sanse Zone.”

l It is important that you go in advance to the waiting area on Tadeo Rivera Street and request the trip once you are at the site, to avoid additional waiting charges or cancellations.

“We recommend using travel verification by PIN, as it is very useful for mass events such as the San Sebastián Street Festival,” Coto said. “It allows you to confirm by means of a 4-digit code that you are boarding the correct vehicle.”

During the days of the festival the app will only allow riders to reach Old San Juan and request trips from the aformentioned area due to access restrictions.

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