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Hundreds in Canóvanas to receive water cisterns

Canóvanas Mayor Lornna Soto Villanueva

By John McPhaul

Hundreds of residents of the mountainous area of Canóvanas who have suffered from a lack of water service saw light at the end of the tunnel on Monday when Mayor Lornna Soto Villanueva authorized the delivery and installation of water cisterns to residences in the town’s outlying communities.

“In Canóvanas it has always been a priority to execute actions to increase the guarantees to our residents so that they can receive a proper water supply. That is why, together with my work team, we presented a proposal to the United States government, specifically to the federal program known … as the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), to address this problem that was aggravated by this pandemic of the lethal virus that we all know as COVID-19, and where good hygiene is a weapon to combat it,” the mayor said. “The Municipality of Canóvanas received an allocation of $26.5 million from these federal funds; $1.5 million was allocated to initiate the installation program of residential cisterns with a pumping system, a mission we have called ‘Bring Water to the Countryside.’ This is in recognition of the different community and municipal struggles to address this problem. The program seeks to mitigate water deficiencies in low-income communities, which will help prevent sanitation problems in the population …”

For his part, José Candelario, the director of federal programs and municipal external resources, said “this will be the first stage of several deliveries of cisterns per community.”

“The program is aimed at owners of eligible residences that are inhabited by the owner or by a tenant in areas identified with deficiencies in potable water services, and who have the need to install a cistern with a pumping system,” he said. “The participant must present the deeds of the residence, a copy of the most recent utility bill, photo identification, rental contract (if applicable) and tenant identification (if applicable). The first phase of the program will begin with the Las 400tas community. Applications will be filled out directly in the community on November 1-4, 2021 at the 400tas Activity Center.”

Residents seeking more information are urged to call (787) 256-0000.

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