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Hurricane Tammy still exerting rainy influence in Puerto Rico

By The Star Staff

Although Hurricane Tammy is far from Puerto Rico, its residual moisture is affecting the local climate, the National Weather Service reported Tuesday.

The moisture is expected to favor convective rain development, mainly in eastern areas and local offshore islands, driven by westerly winds.

Toward the weekend, an increased chance of showers and storms exists, thus increasing the risk of flooding.

Despite the distances, Tammy’s remnants will generate northerly swells that will affect the local Atlantic waters and Caribbean passages.

Boaters and beachgoers should exercise caution.

Today through Thursday, northerly winds will bring temporary showers, especially north of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

St. Thomas has been one of the hardest hit areas.

Despite the interaction between a drier, cooler air mass and Tammy’s moisture, consistent, if light, rain is forecast with possible afternoon thunderstorms in southern Puerto Rico.

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