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ICF: Inmate Shannet Colón Ponce’s death was a suicide

By John McPhaul

Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF by its Spanish initials) Executive Director María Conte Miller revealed on Wednesday that the manner of death of inmate Shannet Colón Ponce was suicide.

“After conducting an extensive and thorough evaluation of the autopsy findings, physical and testimonial evidence, pathologist Edda Rodríguez concluded that the cause of the young woman’s death was suffocation by suspension and the manner of death was suicide,” Conte Miller said in a written statement.

“Dr. Rodríguez evaluated all the scientific evidence, the incident reports, testimonies, and made a visit to the prison to inspect the area where the events occurred in order to reach this determination,” Conte Miller said.

She also confirmed that Colón Ponce’s autopsy protocol report was delivered to the 23-year-old woman’s mother and the prosecutor in the case.

“On our part, the case is concluded,” Conte Miller said. “For the moment, these will be all the statements that we will make because there is an ongoing investigation.”

Correction and Rehabilitation (DCR) Secretary Ana Escobar Pabón stated: “The report issued today by the Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF) validates the preliminary report presented by personnel from the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation in which Shannet Colón Ponce was reported to have committed suicide.”

“Now that the ICF reported the cause and manner of death of the inmate, the administrative investigation of the DCR continues its parallel process of investigation by the Special Investigations Bureau (NIE by its Spanish initials) and the Police Bureau (NPPR), both attached to the Department of Public Safety,” Escobar Pabón noted. “Once the NIE and the NPPR complete their investigation, the data will be compared and the conclusion of the case will be presented.”

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