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ICF to present its advances at national forensics conference

Institute of Forensic Sciences Executive Director María Conte Miller

By The Star Staff

The Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF by its Spanish initials) will present the advances it has achieved using technological resources acquired in recent years to resolve crimes and help the courts at the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS).

ICF Executive Director María Conte Miller said she will speak on the advances to offer a more agile and efficient service to the judicial system and crime victims. The ICF is the local Medical Examiner’s Office.

“It is an honor that they have chosen us to communicate the advances we have achieved using new technological resources, such as Rapid DNA, FARO, and CT Scan Post Mortem,” Conte Miller said.

The AAFS 75th anniversary conference, which begins today in Florida, highlights the importance of forensic science to the justice system and the public this year. The forensic pathologist stressed that “Puerto Rico has a unique system that integrates scene investigation and autopsy and crime laboratory services, which is not common in the forensic systems of other jurisdictions.”

“The AAFS prepared a video where we show how the use of these technological resources has served to dramatically reduce the analysis of safe kits and the cases of unidentified bodies, with the CT Scan Post Mortem, completing autopsy reports in 90 days or less and with FARO, documenting the crime scene in 3D quickly and facilitating the judge’s understanding of the facts presented by our forensic investigators in court,” Conte Miller said.

The AAFS plans to offer scientific content demonstrating that forensic science provides objective and reliable data that the judicial system and the public can trust. In addition, the conference intends to highlight the achievements of its members who work in forensic science every day. Finally, the meeting will recognize forensic science and the history of the Academy, according to the program of the conference.

In recognition of the work at the ICF, Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia filed an administration measure in the Legislature last August that would prioritize the procedure for creating systems, protocols and evidentiary processing of safety kits. In addition, he allocated commonwealth funds so the ICF could buy equipment, including the aforementioned tools.

“I am proud that this is a recognition that Puerto Rico is a model system for other jurisdictions,” Conte Miller said. “It also shows that when governments place their forensic systems among their priorities, we have an efficient, objective and reliable service.”

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