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Immuno-compromised patients over 12 can now get a 3rd COVID-19 shot

By The Star Staff

Immuno-compromised patients over 12 years of age on the island can now begin to go to their vaccination centers to obtain a third dose of vaccine against the coronavirus, the Health Department’s chief medical officer, Iris Cardona, announced Wednesday after meeting with vaccination providers and establishing the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control.

The eligible include recipients of organ or stem cell transplants, patients who are receiving treatment for cancer or a tumor, or are under treatment with high-concentration steroids, and people with an advanced or untreated HIV diagnosis.

“Given the increase in infections and the variants that have emerged from COVID-19, studies have indicated that a third dose of protection could help reduce the risk of severe illness or death in people with compromised immune systems,” Cardona said in a written statement. “In this sense, a third dose in this group of people will serve to increase the level of antibodies since they have a reduced capacity to fight infections and other diseases. The recommendation is that this population group go to their closest provider to receive the additional dose.”

At least 28 days after having completed the dose series of any of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, a patient can have a third dose administered. For the time being, the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine has not been authorized for an additional dose. No medical referral or evidence certifying the disease will be required.

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