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In a first, rock-oriented restaurant/radio station to open in Ponce

Along with its specialty rice dishes and other menu items, Metal Rock Restaurant has rock-themed decor and its own music broadcast booth, dubbed “Metal Rock Station.” (Photos courtesy of Josian Vázquez Días)

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rico never ceases to surprise its tourists. Anyone who visits the island will most certainly tell you that one of its prime aspects is its food.

Apart from the food, people enjoy the music the island provides. While the island’s smaller towns and cities aren’t necessarily as popular as old San Juan with tourists, there’s something for everyone in every corner of the island. Ponce is about to get something that combines both food and music; in fact, it is the first-ever restaurant in the world that is also a radio station. Businessman Víctor Siebens Rodríguez announced that he will be opening what will be the world’s first restaurant with a radio station, Metal Rock Restaurant, on Saturday, Nov. 4, at Villa 186 Street in Ponce.

Siebens Rodríguez says the place has a unique and different decor, alluding to the concept of rock music, with guitars, basses and drums. It has its own rock music broadcast booth, “Metal Rock Station,” with all the genre’s variants and that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through its application for Android, iPhone, Google TV, Roku and through

“We can broadcast live from the restaurant and when the bands are playing on our stage, like a kind of radio drama,” Siebens Rodríguez said. “We have four televisions with live music from the station and one at the bar with sports. We will have a store with rock clothing such as watches, chains, rings, bracelets, lampshades, caps, t-shirts, coats, polo shirts, mugs and keychains, among other items.”

The menu is unique as well.

“We specialize in gourmet rice: El Rockero and El Metalero. The Rockero Rice is soaked in soda, along with chops, chicken, turkey bacon, chives and onions, while the Metalero is one marinated in grape juice, with rib steak, chicken, bacon and violet onion,” the entrepreneur noted. “We will always have soups and a daily special.”

The number for takeout and delivery is (939) 445-4945. Metal Rock Restaurant will be open Friday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Siebens Rodríguez, also known as Metal Blade, has loved rock music and wrestling since he was 10 years old. In 2003, he decided to pursue his main passions, sports and entertainment, when he founded the Puerto Rico Wrestling Association (PRWA), bringing international fighters to Puerto Rico, with a mix of veteran and new local gladiators. Later he decided to give the concept a twist and evolved it into the PW, or “Perfect World,” with fighting superheroes who carried positive campaigns to Puerto Rican children. From this format came the current WWC Universal Champion, which is broadcast on WAPA TV, Intelecto 5 Estrellas and Metal Blade’s “No to Child Abuse” campaign.

In 2021, Siebens Rodríguez decided to make his other passion come true by creating a rock music station through the web, to provide opportunity to independent bands from Puerto Rico and Latin America. At the same time, he currently produces a television program dedicated to the rock genre with the same name as the radio station on Fox Puerto Rico.

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