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In Moca, governor says ‘The Flare’ of social justice drives NPP’s struggle for statehood

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi told a gathering of New Progressive Party faithful in Moca on Sunday that no candidacy is more important than achieving equality for all American citizens of Puerto Rico.

By The Star Staff

In the setting of Labadie Castle, the birthplace of the novel “La Llamarada” (“The Flare”), Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia, president of the New Progressive Party (NPP), stressed on Sunday that the party’s work for social justice on behalf of all the people, inspired by the example of Don Luis A. Ferré, continues to guide the New Progressives in the struggle for statehood.

Accompanied by resident commissioner candidate William Villafañe Ramos, Moca Mayor Ángel Beto Pérez Rodríguez, former Moca Mayor Enrique “Kike” Avilés, legislative leaders and hundreds of supporters, district directors, candidates and neighborhood leaders from the northwest region of the island, Pierluisi said that no candidacy is more important than achieving equality for all American citizens of Puerto Rico.

In that sense, the governor said he was very proud of all those who step forward from any position to guarantee the continuity of a government that, in defense of social justice, has faced a Legislature that obstructs and hinders, and a Financial Oversight and Management Board that “takes the machete to us,” in a reference to the literary work of Enrique Laguerre.

“Ferré taught us that our cause is not over until Puerto Rico becomes the next state of the nation,” Pierluisi said. “This fight is for the poor, for women heads of households, for our workforce, for our seniors and for our youth. In short, it is a fight for a dignified status that guarantees equality for the American citizens of Puerto Rico.”

The NPP president noted that Puerto Rico has always progressed under the governments of “La Palma” and that the island has experienced sustained growth in the past three years.

“Today we have 125,000 more jobs than at the beginning of the current administration and we have the lowest level of unemployment in our history,” Pierluisi said.

The governor asserted further that the NPP’s commitment to public works has been seen throughout the island in the past three years.

From 81 reconstruction projects completed at the beginning of the current four-year term, today nearly 2,900 projects have been completed, he said. There have also been wage increases, both in the private sector and in government, he added.

“It’s easy to criticize from the sidelines,” Pierluisi said. “What is difficult and what we have achieved is to produce results on the field. Don Luis inspires us, guides us, stimulates us and encourages us from heaven. We will continue to fight for the causes that unite us and we will never give up.”

Present at the event were several NPP legislators, as well as candidates seeking legislative seats under the La Palma banner, along with several other NPP mayors.

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