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In trial, feds use images posted on social networks by drug traffickers

United States Attorney for the District of Puerto Rico W. Stephen Muldrow (Puerto Rico Department of Public Safety/Facebook)

By The Star Staff

United States Attorney for the District of Puerto Rico W. Stephen Muldrow confirmed on Wednesday that the use of social networks by members of criminal organizations facilitates the authorities’ investigative process when it comes to collecting evidence against them.

“That is something that is very common here and in the [mainland] United States. And that’s part of the community’s message. Those people, that gang,” Muldrow said at a press conference. “Many of the tests that we have, it is not a secret, I am not divulging something special that they are going to avoid. They don’t think there is anything wrong with taking photos, putting them on Facebook, posting photos with firearms, with money, with luxury cars, with that ‘gangster’ life.”

“They set this up and on the phones you can always see that they are putting up videos of them shooting in the street or doing things that demonstrate their participation in the gang, with the signs they have, with the tattoos they have,” he added. “It is a way to also show their power on the street, that they are not afraid to announce who they are. We have no objection in the sense that when they are arrested they have photos of them with one kilo and they bring a firearm. Well, we use that in the trial.”

Muldrow made his statements at a press conference about accusations against 30 members of a gang that allegedly operated in San Juan, Trujillo Alto, Aibonito and Loíza.

The members of the gang, called “The Elites,” were charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, possession and distribution of controlled substances, and firearms violations.

The defendants often communicated through messaging applications and social networks (such as WhatsApp and Instagram) in which they promoted their narcotics, weapons, money and drug trafficking organization on social networks, including discussions about the sale of narcotics and firearms.

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Deborah Marchant
Deborah Marchant
7 days ago

There are constructive and destructive ways to be a hero.

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