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In wake of teen’s slaying, officials meet on anti-crime plan for Loíza Valley

In Canóvanas on Wednesday Puerto Rico Police Bureau Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa shared a security work plan, addressed each of the residents’ questions and concerns and sought the community’s cooperation in preventing crime.

By The Star Staff

Crime is not something to be taken lightly anywhere, whether it is in Puerto Rico or the mainland United States. Unfortunately, even with the equipment modern police forces can possess, sometimes criminals commit very unfortunate acts that inflict great damage on the lives of others. One incident may not affect one person directly, but it can affect other people eventually if it is not dealt with immediately.

That is why on Wednesday, Canóvanas Mayor Lornna Soto Villanueva met with various members of the municipal and state public safety agencies in order to take precautions following the slaying of a young athlete from Loíza.

Soto Villanueva met with Puerto Rico Police Bureau Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa; Family Secretary Ciení Rodríguez Troche; the United States Marshal for the District of Puerto Rico, Wilmer Ocasio Ibarra; the municipal security component; and members of the Loíza Valley Community Board, along with area residents, for the execution of security plan that includes community leaders and Loíza Valley residents.

“Last Friday we were disrupted by the vile murder of a 15-year-old resident of this community, and we are not going to sit idly by until the Police put him or those responsible for this unfortunate event behind bars,” Soto Villanueva said. “This family is without consolation and the only hope they have is that justice will be done, and our administration will not spare resources until it is achieved.”

“This community is full of working people, and others who enjoy their retirement from work, and we are not going to allow any antisocial person to come and commit another criminal act, neither in this community nor in any other in the municipality of Canóvanas,” the mayor added.

López Figueroa shared the security work plan, addressed each of the residents’ questions and concerns and sought the community’s cooperation in preventing crime.

Rodríguez Troche, meanwhile, stated that “in the Family Department we repudiate violence in all its forms.”

“That said, we stand with the family of Alarik Jaxiel Santos’ family, a minor who was murdered several days ago, who are in pain,” the Family secretary said. “This murder joins others in which minors die at the hands of criminals who lack any respect for life. I appreciate the invitation … to this meeting aimed at finding solutions to the problems that affect this community. As I have mentioned in other forums, preventing and efficiently addressing the problem of violence requires the unity of all sectors of our society and the development and implementation of integrated plans that maximize existing resources. Only through the union of all wills will we achieve profound changes in our communities.”

Added Soto Villanueva, “here we are outlining and redefining a tactical plan where technology is involved, but apart from technology, community leaders, merchants, religious folks and other residents are bringing in a helping hand to the federal, state and municipal security forces to prevent these criminals from taking over our city.”

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