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Incentive program to cover part of solar system & installation cost

The Solar Incentive Program, funded via the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Mitigation program, has a maximum of 6,000 spaces available.

By The Star Staff

Housing Secretary William Rodríguez Rodríguez, announced Thursday that on Aug. 10 he will open the application period for the Solar Incentive Program, which will allow homeowners in Puerto Rico who need support to acquire solar panel systems to receive an incentive that will cover 30% or up to $15,000 of the total cost of a system and its installation.

The program, funded by Community Development Block Grant Disaster Mitigation funds, has a maximum of 6,000 spaces available.

“As announced by Governor Pedro Pierluisi, we are launching a new program to help families acquire a system of solar panels, and this time focused on middle-income families, who will have the opportunity to opt for this aid,” Rodríguez said. “These technologies not only provide energy security and reduce dependence on non-renewable sources, but also allow families to save on their bills in the long run.”

As noted, the new program will consider middle-income families, as the governor announced in recent weeks, in order to offer help to the middle class. A family consisting of a person with an income of up to $84,000 may qualify.

To participate in the single round of the Solar Incentive Program, interested parties must meet certain requirements, such as presenting evidence of income, owning single-family homes, U.S. citizenship and not having initiated the installation of any renewable energy system, among others.

In addition, applicants must have an “Installation Contract” with one of the renewable energy installation companies (REICs) authorized by the program. The contract should include essential details such as the name of the installer, the contract number, the specific amount of the contract and the date of execution. It is important to note that the installation contract must be formalized before Aug. 10, 2023, the start date of the program.

Rodríguez emphasized that “by ensuring that participants have a formal agreement with a licensed renewable energy installer, the program maintains transparency and collaboration with trusted renewable energy installers.”

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