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Inspection centers will no longer be able to impose additional charges

By The Star Staff

Transportation and Public Works (DTOP) Secretary Eileen Vélez Vega said Monday that the new regulations for automobile inspection centers do not allow additional charging for services related to the motor vehicle inspection process.

“What was done with Regulation 9526, which is the Inspection Centers regulation, is that it was brought into line with Law 22 (on Traffic),” Vélez Vega said in response to questions from the press. “Law 22 since 2000 has established that the cost of inspection is $12 to $20. That had not been implemented; we worked with the inspection centers, the regulations were made, it was published so that people could have citizen participation -- all this has to be worked out with the citizens -- that was done in December. So now, the inspection center [gets], according to the law, from $12 to $20 for the inspection cost.”

“What was also done in that regulation was that now the inspection center is not allowed to charge for other services such as, for example, accessing the CESCO Digital portal, printing the person’s zero fines [document], or accessing and sending things by email and charging you for using a credit card, because all these costs were exceeding $20 dollars, and what the law says is 12 to 20 dollars …”

The official noted that the criterion for establishing the cost, whether it is $12 or $20, “is established by the inspection center.”

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia stated that it will be up to the citizen to choose which inspection center is least expensive.

“Well, each center is going to announce what it is charging for the service; that’s how it is,” the governor said.

“The establishment has to know how much it is going to charge,” Vélez Vega added.

“Exactly, and no one is obliged to go to a particular center,” Pierliuisi said. “So, what has been done is that it is being standardized; that is, now there is only one position, there can only be one position.”

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