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Inspections at businesses turn up some 50 gas installation infractions

Jaime Lafuente heads the Bureau of Transportation and Other Public Services.

By The Star Staff

Agents from the Bureau of Transportation and Other Public Services (NTSP by its Spanish initials) conducted an operation this week to inspect gas installations in various businesses around the island.

NTSP President Jaime Lafuente said the total in fines issued for infractions amounts to $17,550.

“The NTSP is the agency in charge of inspecting gas installations in commercial establishments,” Lafuente said. “These operations are carried out regularly to guarantee the safety of the people who visit the shops, as well as the employees.”

He added that “more than 40 interventions were carried out around the island and our agents found about 50 infractions that were required to be repaired.”

Among the most common infractions encountered in the inspections are that some businesses do not comply with the Puerto Rico Fire Protection Code and that container equipment and accessories do not meet the established standards, among others.

During the interventions, NTSP agents guided merchants on the proper use and handling of propane gas cylinders, as well as applicable state and federal regulations to ensure proper handling and safety in gas installations.

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