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Inter-American University campus remembers athlete killed in auto accident

Nadesha Pacheco López

By The Star Staff

The Inter American University of Puerto Rico San Germán campus community held a ceremony on Saturday in memory of the educational and athletic career of student-athlete Nadesha T. Pacheco López, who died last Tuesday in an automobile accident on the PR-52 expressway in Caguas.

As part of the religious service, the mother of the deceased young woman, Ana T. López Acosta, said that on one occasion her eldest daughter was interested in financially helping a group of child athletes from her town of Yauco, so that they could participate in track and field competitions that would be held in the U.S. state of Florida. That concern on her daughter’s part has led López Acosta to organize herself to help Nadesha and the group of young athletes.

“I want to grieve first and then I am going to make a foundation in her name to help those children who want to travel and fulfill their dreams,” López Acosta. “Because I want to leave a great legacy to my daughter, and an impression in the hearts of the whole world as she did on the day of her departure.”

“Nadesha was a young woman who, in addition to fulfilling her academic obligations, shone and filled us with pride with her sports performances in various competitions,” said Dr. Rafael Ramírez Rivera,” president of the Inter-American Federation. “Their dedication, effort and passion for sports took our institution to new heights and gave us moments of great joy and celebration. Today we feel immense pain for her loss, but we also remember the light she brought into our lives. She was a person who was beloved by her teachers, classmates, and other athletes. Her spirit of camaraderie, her smile and her unwavering determination made her stand out and earn the affection and respect of all of us.”

The religious ceremony was attended by Pacheco López’s fellow athletes and students, as well as teachers, coaches, officials of the institution and family members.

Pacheco López, 20, was an outstanding Inter-American track and field athlete who made history by being part of the mixed 4 x 400 relay team, an event that was held for the first time this year at the Interuniversity Athletic League Games, commonly known as Las Justas, and contributed to the triumph of the Inter-American Tigresses team that won the championship.

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Such a touching tribute to an incredible young woman. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this difficult time. tunnel rush

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