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Jiménez Pérez says he would trim gov’t agencies as governor

By The Star Staff

Dignity Project (Proyecto Dignidad) President Javier Jiménez Pérez said Monday that if he is elected governor he would streamline government agencies and eliminate those that do no work.

The gubernatorial candidate for the conservative party who left the New Progressive Party last year said he would eliminate “the umbrella” of the Public Safety and Recreation & Sports departments, arguing that municipalities can take care of sports facilities.

Jiménez Pérez, who said he wants to reduce government interference in private business, said he would also support changing the permitting system to make it more efficient.

He also said he would consolidate the Women’s Advocate Office with other advocacy offices.

The mayor of San Sebastián was elected Dignity Project president during the party’s first general meeting, held in Guayanilla over the weekend. Jiménez Pérez insisted that he is prepared to engage in the “close” race looming ahead of the next general elections in November.

The party managed to certify 420 candidates for political positions, especially 45 mayors and their municipal assembly members, 15 senators and 30 district representatives per district, and two at-large legislators.

The founder and former president of Proyecto Dignidad, César Vázquez Muñiz, had ruled out running for governor again after Jiménez Pérez announced that he would make his own bid for La Fortaleza.

Vázquez Muñiz, a cardiologist, is instead running for a Bayamón District Senate seat in the next election.

“I remain as a member of the Government Council, and the decisions of Proyecto Dignidad are collegial,” Vázquez Muñiz said. “Javier is going to direct the electoral campaign, but the governing body of the party is still the Government Council. Besides, once the electoral process with reference to the governorship ends, I will once again be the president.”

Vázquez Muñiz said Jiménez Pérez’s presidency will put the party in a better position to succeed in the elections.

“There is a 20-year track record that no one can deny,” the Dignity Project founder said. “He is someone who knows the processes of government, the electoral processes. From that point of view, we have more chances of electoral victory with him as a candidate for governor and as president.”

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