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Joint raids conducted at San Juan establishments

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo

By The Star Staff

The Municipality of San Juan, along with commonwealth and federal authorities, carried out an operation Saturday night in which they seized 12 firearms, ammunition, what appeared to be marijuana and emptied out a nightclub for the safety of its customers. It was also reported that the municipal permit office alone issued $12,500 in tickets.

“In accordance with the initiatives discussed with Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo, we continue operations in businesses in different areas of San Juan,” San Juan Municipal Police Commissioner José Juan García Díaz said. “Last night 10 establishments were fined for not having the required regulations, 55 tickets were granted for violations of municipal ordinance No. 8 of the traffic code and 12 firearms, clips and ammunition of different calibers were seized.”

The raids were part of the work plan implemented by the Municipality of San Juan in conjunction with its Permits Office and Fire Department, the island Gaming Commission, federal marshals and the U.S. Department Homeland Security.

Col. García Díaz added that during a visit of the Fire Department to the Ocean Club on Ponce de León Avenue at Stop 18 in Santurce, instructions were given to vacate the premises ahead of inspections, in which they found structural deficiencies that put the safety of customers at risk.

Meanwhile, a notification of non-compliance with a permit granted by the municipality was issued.

San Juan Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo, and the municipal police commissioner have announced that they will continue with the work plan in conjunction with federal and state agencies to guarantee the safety of visitors and so that businesses that comply with the law are not harmed by those who violate regulations.

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