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‘José Campeche Painted It’

By Judy Gordon-Conde and Jennifer Conde-Powers

The board of trustees of the Puerto Rico Museum of Art (MAPR) and its executive director, María Cristina Gaztambide, recently invited a distinguished group of invitees to experience the exclusive opening of the exhibition “José Campeche lo Pinto,” part of the collection of the Archdiocese of San Juan.

Juan Carlos López Quintero, curator of the MAPR, explained the alliance that the museum made with the Archdiocese of San Juan to be able to showcase these impressive works of art featuring bishops and other religious and historical themes by the famous artist José Campeche. Guests were delighted to witness the 61 works of art in the collection, accompanied by texts by Arturo Dávila, historian of the Archdiocese collection.

Art lovers and collectors enjoyed the masterful exhibit, while appetizers and fine wines sponsored by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company added to the event.

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