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Justice chief confirms probe into alleged fraud involving political endorsements

Jessika Padilla Rivera, alternate chairwoman of the State Elections Commission

By The Star Staff

Justice Secretary Domingo Emanuelli Hernández confirmed on Wednesday an ongoing investigation related to complaints of false political endorsements.

“We confirm that the Department of Justice is investigating allegations of false endorsements of several candidates for elective positions,” Emanuelli Hernández said in a written statement. “After the Police Bureau attended to the referrals presented by the State Elections Commission, the cases were sent to the Prosecutor’s Office to continue the investigative process and determine if charges should be filed.”

“To guarantee the purity of the process, we will not issue additional statements until the investigation is completed,” he added.

Among the cases of potentially false endorsements, it was reported in early February that one in favor of a candidate for resident commissioner under the New Progressive Party (NPP), Elmer Román, was supposedly issued by Nelsa López Colón, the widow of former governor Rafael Hernández Colón.

Other cases confirmed by State Elections Commission Alternate Chairwoman Jessika Padilla Rivera involved another NPP candidate for resident commissioner, Sen. William Villafañe Ramos.

Padilla Rivera would have referred the cases to state and federal agencies.

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William Rosa
William Rosa
29 de mar.

When the PPD/PNP are going to understand that their game and destruction of PR is over. They want to try to keep the show on stage but unfortunately for them everyone is aware of their strategies, and it won't forward anymore. It's time for the PPD/PNP to pack their bags and find another " chivito" someplace else.

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