Lúgaro: Puerto Rico will have ‘a complete team to lead the country’

By Pedro Correa Henry

Twitter: @PCorreaHenry

Special To The Star

This is the second in a series of interviews with candidates running in the 2020 general elections

Citizen Victory Movement (CVM) gubernatorial candidate Alexandra Lúgaro told the Star on Tuesday that the party, which was founded in 2019, will have “the most competent cabinet” to govern Puerto Rico.

In order to find the candidates for CVM’s constitutional cabinet, the movement devised a project to develop job descriptions with professional associations and affected communities that correspond to roles that are commonly appointed by a governor, and has put out a call on its social media platforms for citizens to submit their resumes as the party searches for potential cabinet appointees. Lúgaro said the project grew out of a determination to address people’s concerns as most don’t trust the work of government entities and feel that they “pay for the incompetence from these agencies.”

“I must say that it’s one of the [crucial] areas of our campaign, because we are seeing all the resumes that we have received, all the people who have been willing to serve the country, and people who have agreed to begin a screening process,” Lúgaro said. “What we have seen with the secretary positions we have posted, it gives us an image of an all-star team; it’s one of the most important things that CVM will do for Puerto Rico -- not only present our candidates in November, but also present a complete team to lead the country.”

Meanwhile, Lúgaro said the party has not forgotten about the public debt, and wants to stimulate vital areas in Puerto Rico, such as education, health, security and access to justice; however, the gubernatorial candidate said, it will all depend on doing the work that will stimulate the island’s economy.

“We haven’t forgotten about the public debt because we recognize that the public policies that we want to implement in the country in every vital area -- education, health, security, access to justice -- depend on auditing the debt, and invalidating the illegal portion of it so that we can renegotiate the part of the debt that is legitimate while protecting people’s essential services,” she said.

As for the Financial Oversight and Management Board (FOMB), she said the movement will work to repeal the board as it questions the legitimacy of the federal Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act, generally known as PROMESA, enacted in 2016.

“CVM is going to face the FOMB,” Lúgaro said. “We believe the board is antidemocratic, it’s unworthy, and their interests are clearly not in looking out for what is best for Puerto Ricans and economic growth for the country, but rather in exploiting what is left of our capital to pay bondholders a debt that is clearly illegal.”

Meanwhile, Lúgaro said that in order to address the island’s discrimination issues, the education system must introduce a gender perspective and human rights-focused syllabus to form, from an early-childhood stage, citizens who respect all of their fellow citizens and reject any act of discrimination. She added that gender perspective should also be applied to public policies, government work and legislation.

“Part of it is recognizing that discrimination is a crossover situation in different areas, it’s not a matter that’s located in a mere compartment,” Lúgaro said. “Meaning that being a crossover issue, it must be addressed in a crossover manner.”

When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, Lugaro said that when she becomes the governor of Puerto Rico, she will address it in diverse phases, such as building a sustainable education system that is built to keep running amid national emergencies, and a ministry of science that is capable of addressing public health emergencies; educating people on safety measures and developing an effective contract tracing system; and generating enough resources

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