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‘La Comay’ to end after producer’s retirement

Lenard Liberman, president of Liberman Media Group, which owns TeleOnce, said “we understand and support [La Comay creator] Mr. [Antulio “Kobbo”] Santarrosa’s decision to lead a quieter life.

By The Star Staff

After producer Antulio “Kobbo” Santarrosa announced in December the end of his gossip program “La Comay” and his official retirement, the administration of TeleOnce, led by the businessman and president of Liberman Media Group, Lenard Liberman, accepted the decision this week.

“Our desire was to continue presenting ‘La Comay’ every afternoon, a space that was enjoyed by a wide audience on the island every afternoon,” Liberman said Tuesday. “However, we understand and support Mr. Santarrosa’s decision to lead a quieter life. We wish him the greatest success and that he can enjoy this new stage.”

Santarrosa, through his program “La Comay,” thanked the management of TeleOnce for the trust given since the channel’s signal was relaunched two years ago and wished it many more successes.

La Comay is a life-sized puppet created by Santarrossa to deliver celebrity and political gossip. His program was one of the top-rated programs on the island but it was not without controversies due to its often racist and homophobic content.

In 2013, Kobbo Santarrosa’s then top-rated show “SuperXClusivo” was canceled by Puerto Rico’s WAPA-TV due to a boycott spurred by homophobic remarks made on the show about a publicist who had been killed.

The show returned to Mega TV but in 2020 the Comay puppet ridiculed Ana Irma Rivera Lassén, a Black Puerto Rican senator who was the head of the Puerto Rico Bar Association from 2012-2014. Rivera Lassén, a member of the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC by its Spanish initials) party, is openly lesbian.

In a video, the Comay puppet mocked Rivera Lassén’s accent by acting like a Black servant to the white then-leader of the MVC, Alexandra Lúgaro.

The segment was interpreted by many, including Rivera Lassén, as racist. It also played into racist stereotypes of black servants as being uneducated, humble and poor.

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larsen soto
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