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Labor Dept. reminds employers about the Christmas bonus

By The Star Staff

The Labor and Human Resources Department reminded employers Monday that they have until Dec. 15 to pay the Christmas bonus to private sector workers who are entitled to it, by virtue of Law 148 of Dec. 30, 1969, as amended.

“Employers who are interested in being exempted from paying the bonus to their employees, for having suffered economic losses or received earnings that are insufficient to cover the entire bonus without exceeding the limit of 15 percent of annual net earnings, must present in the Department of Labor and Human Resources, on or before Tuesday, November 30, 2021, several documents among which are the delivery sheet of the Request for Exemption from Payment of Bonus for the Year 2021 and the situation status and profit and loss statement, which has been compiled, reviewed or audited, signed and sealed in original, and bearing the stamp of the CPA Association, by an authorized public accountant,” said Lucila Vázquez Iñigo, director of the Labor Standards Bureau.

The Labor and Human Resources Department official urged interested employers to submit their application in time and invited them to contact the central office of the Labor Standards Bureau at 787-754-5353 extensions 2450 or 2451. They were also urged to visit any of the agency’s regional offices, in case they require help or more information, located in San Juan (Metro), Arecibo, Mayagüez, Ponce, Caguas and Humacao.

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