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Labor-management conflict at docks said resolved

Carlos Sánchez, president of ILA-Local 1740

By John McPhaul

Cargo handling company Luis Ayala Colón Sucesores (LAC) and the trade union organization International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA)-Local 1740 have reached an agreement that puts an end to an labor-management conflict and monthslong strike at the San Juan docks, Labor and Human Resources Secretary Carlos Rivera Santiago announced on Wednesday.

“Thanks to the intervention of our mediators, on a daily and weekly basis, who are first-rate and specialized professionals, today we can announce the resolution of this conflict efficiently addressing the articles of the collective agreement in dispute and clarifying aspects in controversy over functions of workers,” said Rivera Santiago in a written statement (later on Wednesday the Labor secretary announced his resignation, for personal reasons, in a separate press communique). “With this agreement we bring labor peace between the parties, and equally important the stabilization of the company, as well as its workers, for the benefit of the industry, the Puerto Rican consumer and other companies at a local and international level that depend on this important chain distribution.”

Carlos Sánchez, the president of ILA-Local 1740, spoke about the negotiated agreement for the workers the union represents and for Puerto Rico.

“The maritime industry is for Puerto Rico an essential part of the food and other goods distribution chain; it is the axis of the island’s economy and even the gateway of our national security,” Sánchez said. “Today’s historic agreements are a deserved recognition of the commitment of the men and women who work day by day for the benefit of the economic development of the country.”

Hernán Ayala, the executive vice president of LAC, thanked the Labor Department for its intervention and emphasized the importance of ending the conflict.

“The executive team of Luis Ayala Colón is pleased with the result of the extensive negotiations with the ILA-1740 Union, which were carried out with the timely mediation of Labor Department staff,” Ayala said. “After more than two years of negotiation, we have a good agreement that is satisfactory for both parties and that will govern our labor-management relationship for the next six years.”

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