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Labor Reform passed to governor for his signature

Rep. Domingo Torres García

By The Star Staff

Acting Speaker of the House of Representatives Ángel Matos García and House Labor Affairs Committee Chairman Domingo Torres García on Wednesday signed House Bill 1244 on Labor Reform, which now goes to Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia’s desk for his signature.

“Once again, we reiterate the commitment we made to restore the rights of the thousands of workers in the private sector in our country,” Torres García said in a written statement. “With the approval of these amendments, the labor rights of the thousands of workers in Puerto Rico are advanced, as a result of the constant dialogue with the union movements and representatives of the private sector.”

Through the legislation, labor rights will be restored and expanded to workers in the private sector, after the House and Senate concurred with the amendments to the measure, which is expected to become law as soon as possible, the officials said.

With the measure, vacations for full-time employees are increased to 1.25 days per month, a new benefit of half a day per month for vacation and one day for sickness is created for part-time employees, the accumulation for the Christmas bonus is reduced from 1,350 hours to 700 hours and to 900 hours for small and midsize businesses, the presumption of dismissal is reversed in favor of the employee; the probationary period is reduced to three months with the possibility of extending an additional three months with prior notification, overtime in excess of 10 hours will be paid double time in flexitime agreements and without flexitime agreement at time and a half, among other benefits.

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