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Late bishop honored on Three Kings Day in Comerio

Boys and girls offered three gifts signified in the key values that Bishop Parrilla practiced: Humility, compassion, and kindness.

By John McPhaul

From the early hours of the morning of Three Kings Day, children, youth and adults gathered in the Plaza de la Trova of the mountain community of Comerio to participate in the Mass dedicated to them and to the religious and community leader, the late Bishop Antulio Parrilla Bonilla.

The activity was coordinated by the Youth Mission group of the Santo Cristo de la Salud Parish.

“Every year we want to create awareness in our children and young people about the witness and legacy from what we call ‘social holiness’ as an expression of the path to which we Christians are called,” said Father Pedro Ortiz, parish priest of the town, in a written statement. “And, obviously Bishop Parrilla, who was Auxiliary Bishop of our diocese of Caguas and co-founder of the cooperative project in Puerto Rico, was a great witness of the path of holiness and is a reference of transcendental importance when referring to the pastors of the Puerto Rican Church.”

The liturgical celebration was full of significant liturgical signs and symbols applied to the reality of the times. Among those that stand out was the offering of the boys and girls at the beginning of the Mass to adore the Child Jesus. They came with three gifts signified in the key values that Bishop Parrilla practiced: Humility, Compassion, and Kindness.

Likewise, social worker Nelson Cotto said, “they played a ‘cooperative’ game to convey the message that in the life project ‘everyone can participate,’ no one should be excluded from the great social table.”

“And immediately, they recognized the great importance of intergenerational dialogue and support by presenting their elders as living examples of integral education and faith,” he added.

The act was attended by a representation of the Commission for the Beatification of Bishop Parrilla Bonilla, which is preparing to soon provide reports to the Puerto Rican Episcopal Conference to request that the beatification process be opened in the future.

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