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Law enacted allowing blind students equal access to College Board

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia has signed Senate Bill 1209 into law, which aims to ensure that blind students have equal opportunity access to the College Board exam.

The bill’s author, Senate Vice President Marially González Huertas, said the legislation represents significant progress in the recognition and respect of the rights of people with visual disabilities in the educational field.

“It is a priority for this public servant to guarantee that blind students can access standardized exams in a manner adapted to their needs and offer them the tools to achieve their academic and professional goals,” González Huertas said.

The new Law 50-2024 amends the “Law on Equal Opportunities and Access to Higher Education” to include a new article that establishes the rights of blind students and guarantees they have the opportunity to take the College Board exam using the braille reading and writing system, enlarged print, readers and note-takers, or any other technological assistance that allows them to take the exam in an adapted manner.

“The support for this legislation, which has already become law, represents our commitment to our students and equal opportunities,” the senator said. “This law is an advance toward a more equitable and accessible educational system for all.”

The legislation, which Sens. Keren Riquelme Cabrera and Albert Torres Berríos co-authored, had the support of the Department of Education, the ombudsman for people with disabilities and the governor.

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Deborah Marchant
Deborah Marchant
Mar 11

👊🏼Good going!

It helps to know this.

And it also helps deaf or hard of hearing people in classes have college paid note-takers. I had this kind of help.

Thanks for this information!

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