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Lawmaker ‘Georgie’ Navarro to debut as actor

Rep. Jorge “Georgie” Navarro Suárez

By The Star Staff

New Progressive Party Rep. Jorge “Georgie” Navarro Suárez will debut as an actor in a comedic play, it was announced Monday.

The work in which the veteran lawmaker will appear is titled “Tell Me Yes,” a “love story” between a radio journalist played by Rubén Sánchez and his partner, an announcer played by Veronique Abreu Tañón.

According to a call for a Wednesday press conference where details of the production are to be provided, it appears that the work was written by Javier Cosme, a former news director of the station WKAQ 580.

Also cast in the play are “the voice of the village” Papo Christian, radio personality Golo Cruz, former senator Ángel Rosa and Janet Pérez Brito.

The play will be staged in July at the Caguas Fine Arts Center.

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