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Lawmaker given 24 hours to produce proof of Salinas drug trafficking

Rep. Mariana Nogales Molinelli

By The Star Staff

Citizen Victory Movement Rep. Mariana Nogales Molinelli was given 24 hours on Monday to deliver information related to alleged drug trafficking in the Las Mareas sector of Salinas.

Natural Resources Committee Chairman Edgardo Feliciano gave the lawmaker the deadline at the beginning of a public hearing in the island House of Representatives on the land within the Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Salinas where what appear to be unauthorized structures have been built and unpermitted utility hookups have been established.

“I am giving Representative Mariana Nogales 24 hours so that if she indeed has proof that there are political ties to drug trafficking in the Las Mareas area, that she present it to this committee or to the secretariat of the body,” Feliciano said.

“I will not allow accusations like these to be made,” he added. “Saying that she has proof and keeping silent, she makes us accomplices. So the committee expects the information to be delivered no later than 10 a.m., tomorrow [Tuesday].”

During the public hearing, the committee heard the testimony of surveyor Carlos Vega, who said there are no property titles in that sector. He also asserted that all construction in the area is illegal.

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