Lawmaker: Many citizens seek to work on island farms

By John McPhaul

Rep. Jorge Alfredo Rivera Segarra, chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, on Thursday made available to island farm owners and administrators contact information for people who have called his office to express their interest in going to work on farms throughout Puerto Rico.

“My goal is that not a single tomato or coffee bean is lost, that every Puerto Rican agricultural product be used,” Rivera Segarra said in a written statement. “Contrary to what one might think, there are many people willing to go to work on the farms. University students, retired people, part-time workers, among others, have called our office and authorized us to give their information to potential employers.”

The legislator, who represents Adjuntas, Utuado, Lares and Jayuya, offered the number of his office in the Capitol, which is 787-722-4296, from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., so that the owners or administrators of farms can call and inform his staff on their hiring requirements.

“We welcome the Mexicans who came to the island to work on the farms, but given that there is so much work, more arms are needed ready to harvest,” Rivera Segarra added.

The legislator added that those interested in earning money working on farms and who are receiving government income such as nutrition assistance or the government health plan will not see a reduction in their benefits.

“There are still many people interested in working on farms in different places on the island, but what was lacking was adequate guidance,” he said.

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