Lawmaker requests probe of Comprehensive Cancer Center

By John McPhaul

Citing the high incidence of cancer cases in Puerto Rico, Popular Democratic Party Rep. Héctor Ferrer Santiago has requested an investigation of the operation, services and funds assigned to the Comprehensive Cancer Center of the University of Puerto Rico.

Ferrer Santiago called Wednesday for priority to be given to House Resolution 49, which was filed Jan. 5.

“Without a doubt, health must be the priority of this administration,” Ferrer Santiago said. “We have a challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic, but we cannot neglect another of the main causes of death on the island, such as the different types of cancer that affect us.”

The Comprehensive Cancer Center was created under Law 230-2004. However, the freshman legislator said, so far it has not operated to its full potential.

“This center must be the main body responsible for executing public policy in relation to prevention, orientation, research and provision of clinical services and cancer treatments,” Ferrer Santiago said. “But the experience has been different. The potential of this center has not been maximized.”

He said the purpose of the proposed investigation is to reestablish priorities and revise the center’s operational plan so that the best and most advanced medical treatments can be provided to cancer patients.

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