Legislator asks Bad Bunny for a concert to promote vaccinations

By The Star Staff

Rep. Ángel Matos García, the majority leader in the island House of Representatives, proposed on Thursday the holding of a free mass concert headlined by Bad Bunny, with the only entry requirement being that concert-goers be vaccinated with any of the available vaccines against COVID-19.

“The Department of Health has the economic resources for this vaccination strategy and the medical infrastructure to vaccinate large numbers of people,” Matos García said in a written statement. “We have to reach each demographic group and Bad Bunny can bring that group that is not yet vaccinated, and we have to get there to [attain] herd immunity.”

He said the entry requirement would be to either show the vaccination card or get vaccinated on the day of the event in an area determined by the Department of Health.

“There are economic resources for this initiative and we are at a point where only extraordinary strategies will bring more to be vaccinated,” he said.

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