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Legislator blasts Cuban president for statements supporting Puerto Rican independence

Rep. José Aponte Hernández

By The Star Staff

Rep. José Aponte Hernández described as “hypocritical” the statements of Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel about his commitment to the “self-determination and independence of the People of Puerto Rico.”

“Dictators are like that, they talk to the peanut gallery about what they don’t practice in their respective countries,” the veteran New Progressive Party lawmaker and former speaker of the island House of Representatives said Monday. “Cuban dictator Díaz Canel makes hypocritical statements about Puerto Rico’s self-determination, but his alleged commitment to that is not consistent with what he does in Cuba, where he deprives citizens of freely exercising their political determination, even expressing themselves. On the contrary, what we all see in Cuba is an effort by the communist government to limit the expression of its people. The threat of reprisals, the deployment of military force and the state of terror that exists in Cuba speaks for itself of Díaz Canel’s style of governance.”

“Meanwhile, we do not see any leader of the Citizen Victory Movement, Dignity Project or Puerto Rican Independence parties rejecting these totally hypocritical statements,” the pro-statehood leader added. “The reason for this is simple: these organizations seek the same as Cuba; that is what they want for Puerto Rico, a dictatorial model where, in addition to bringing independence to Puerto Rico, they also cut rights to perpetuate themselves in power. That is the model they want for Puerto Rico.”

Díaz Canel said at the Ibero-American Summit in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on Saturday that “we reaffirm the historic commitment to self-determination and independence of the people of Puerto Rico.”

“The July 2021 protests in Cuba were silenced with military force, imprisonment without warrants, and trials without lawyers for the accused,” Aponte noted. “That is what those who are silent about Cuba’s abusive dictatorial regime want. In Puerto Rico we reject that, believe in and practice democracy, which is guaranteed by the Constitution of our nation, the United States. Puerto Rico will never be like Díaz Canel’s communist Cuba, no matter what the independence alliances want. The people of Puerto Rico have demonstrated overwhelmingly their support for the permanent union in order to guarantee U.S. citizenship.”

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