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Legislator calls on LUMA, Genera to explain blackouts today

By The Star Staff

San Juan District 4 Rep. Víctor Parés Otero on Tuesday summoned the executives of Genera Puerto Rico and LUMA Energy for an urgent meeting today to address the crisis of the constant interruptions in electricity service that have been occurring since last week.

“What has been happening in Puerto Rico since last week is unacceptable,” the lawmaker said. “Every day there are more than 50,000 subscribers without electricity service and that cannot be allowed. In view of this, I am summoning the directors of Genera and LUMA … to explain to us, in detail, what is happening and, more importantly, what actions they are taking to end this cycle of constant blackouts.”

The meeting will be at the Capitol at 11 a.m.

“At the meeting we are going to request specific data from all the generation units, the status of rehabilitation work and what remains to be completed,” Parés Otero added. “We want accurate information, because there can be no more excuses seven years after Hurricane Maria. We seek to impose a structure of compliance metrics around the generation of electricity.”

“In the case of Genera Puerto Rico, they have already confirmed their participation. We are waiting for LUMA Energy, but we are confident that they will attend the meeting because it is very important to address this issue,” the legislator said. “There have been too many interruptions this past week. In the case of LUMA, the questions are many and the people will have concrete answers tomorrow. In the same way, they have to detail the action plan to mitigate this in the face of the Atlantic hurricane season, which will be a very active one.”

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