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Legislator: Condo administrators were consulted in drafting of law

Rep. Yashira Lebrón Rodríguez

By The Star Staff

Rep. Yashira Lebrón Rodríguez clarified on Tuesday that the evaluation process of House Bill (HB) 1874, which became the New Condominium Law (Law 129-2020) was “open to all and long in duration,” despite assertions to the contrary by the president of the Condominium Administrators Association in Puerto Rico, Sharon Rodríguez.

“There is no reason to say something that is not correct,” said the New Progressive Party legislator representing the District of Bayamón. “The evaluation process of HB 1874 was one that lasted almost three years, open to all, not only in extensive public hearings, but a series of forums were developed in San Juan, Fajardo and Mayagüez so that people from those areas could also have input. Mrs. Rodríguez herself participated in the process and even sent a presentation.”

“At no time was the process anything other than transparent,” the lawmaker added. “The measure was filed on October 10, 2018, approved by the House and Senate in July 2020 and signed into law on August 16, 2020. During all that time, presentations were received, which are reflected in the report on the measure in the House; it happened in the same way with the presentations received in the Senate. I do not understand the reason why Mrs. Rodríguez said she was not consulted, if she even had individual meetings with representatives and senators.”

“We may differ on the points and people may have different opinions, but that is no reason to criticize the process,” Lebrón Rodríguez said. “Much less to indicate that it was yours truly who placed in the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) the responsibility of processing the complaints. That was in the previous law, Law 103-2003. Again, the process was open to everyone, including the Condominium Administrators Association.”

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Claryssa Correa
Claryssa Correa
Jun 08, 2023
La Representante no tiene claro lo que dijo la Sra. Sharon Rodríguez en el Encuentro de Titulares en el Capitolio- invitacion del Presidente del Senado Hon. José Luis Dalmau- porque ella no fue.
Pero bueno, si la Representante tiene evidencia de cuándo fue que invitaron a los titulares, pues que la demuestre.
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