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Liam, Valentina were the top baby names in Puerto Rico last year

Liam and Valentina topped the list of names chosen for newborns in Puerto Rico in 2021.

By The Star Staff

The Social Security Administration on Thursday announced the most popular baby names in Puerto Rico for 2021.

Liam and Valentina topped the list.

The five most popular names, in order, for boys and girls for 2021 in Puerto Rico were Liam, Thiago, Sebastián, Noah and Dylan for boys, and Valentina, Emma, Victoria, Amaia and Luna for girls.

Acting Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi encouraged citizens to view the baby name list at Social Security’s website,, to see how Puerto Rico compares to the rest of the country, and while online, create a My Social Security account at

My Social Security, launched 10 years ago this month, is a personalized electronic account that people can start using during their working years and continue to use while receiving Social Security benefits.

Over the decade, more than 69 million people have registered and benefited from the many secure and convenient self-service options. People who set up their My Social Security account also have access to other personalized services. They can apply for a replacement Social Security card online if they meet certain requirements. If they already receive Social Security benefits, they can start or change direct deposit information online, request a replacement SSA-1099 form, and if they need proof of their benefits, they can print or download a benefit verification letter from their account.

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