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Loíza mayor stresses education in talk on ethics in a productive life

Loíza Mayor Julia Nazario Fuentes

By The Star Staff

At this week’s Fourth International Meeting on Applied Ethics, held at Jaime Benítez Amphitheater on the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico, Loíza Mayor Julia Nazario Fuentes gave a presentation called “Ethics Applied to a Productive Life” to a group of academics and specialists.

The presentation began with a quote from psychologist and educator William James, as follows: “The great discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.” Nazario Fuentes pointed out that “every day we make decisions, from the clothes we choose, the time we leave the house and, in general, the agenda.”

“All this also determines our work and is accompanied by our ethics and morals, which affect productivity,” she said.

Nazario Fuentes pointed out that directing or working in a business, institutional or political position consists of doing things properly, which means ethically correct.

“These are the principles and values ​​that must [guide] all our decisions and of the execution of those decisions,” she said. “Let us remember that we can never value privileges over our principles, nor benefits over the gift of serving.”

At the municipal level, the educator also pointed out that professional ethics is contained in the codes that regulate professional activity, such as those found in the Ethics Office, the Comptroller’s Office, the Department of Justice and the Municipal Code.

“All these entities point the way so that municipal work is done in the most productive way possible,” Nazario Fuentes said. “As long as we do the most productive jobs, we set an example for others.”

Also presented at the meeting were the topics “Process for the Development of a Culture of Service Excellence: Reports and Benefits, Applied Environmental Ethics,” and the “Internet: An Effective Tool for Making Robust Decisions.”

The Ethical Movement Foundation aims to recreate and disseminate a coexistence platform that fosters cultural, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development, through dialogue in the development of processes aligned with ethical criteria. The entity pursues the transformation of the human being from his or her current reality for the maximum use of his or her potential. The Movement fosters purposeful goals and change management practices for personal, family, community, and workplace excellence.

The Ethical Movement Foundation is directed by Dr. Miguel Arrieta Morales, who is the author of the First Master’s Program in Business Administration (MBA) Specialization in Ethical Leadership and Management licensed by the Puerto Rico Council of Education. His experience and contributions over 37-plus years have been recognized in and outside of Puerto Rico, and he has worked as a consultant for over 20 years.

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