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Loíza’s first Sweet Honey Festival to be held Sept. 10

Loíza Mayor Julia Nazario Fuentes

By The Star Staff

Loíza Mayor Julia Nazario Fuentes is inviting the public to celebrate the first edition of the Sweet Honey Festival, to be held Sept. 10 at the bee sanctuary located in the Cueva María de la Cruz Historical Park (PHCMdelaC) in Loíza.

“Everyone separate Sunday, September 10 starting at 3 in the afternoon, to celebrate together one of the wonders of nature that we welcome with so much affection in Loíza: the production of artisanal honey,” the mayor said this week in a press release.

The family event will feature the music of Plenéalo, the popular group that was born in the town of Aibonito in 1996, creators of “Bella, bella, bella,” “El sabor de mi plena,” “Se me van los pies,” “Hasta mañana,” “Tú me haces falta” and “Qué viva el amor.” Also performing will be the Sanabria Brothers, a Puerto Rican musical institution that has been part of the troubadour family for three generations with its legacy of promoting traditions, culture and traditional music.

There will be a variety of kiosks with traditional Loiceñas food, drinks and treats, as well as stalls of authentic Puerto Rican crafts. Admission to the event is $5 for adults, and children under 12 enter for free.

About four years ago, Nazario Fuentes devised the municipal microenterprise Miel Yuisa at the PHCMdelaC, which not only promotes bee conservation, education and tourism, but also provides hope for the economic recovery of the northeastern coastal town in a sustainable way.

Today, the PHCMdelaC houses the apiary, employs an administrator, two beekeepers, tour guides and maintenance officers. It is under the Loíza Tourism Office. The facilities also have permanent kiosks, a square with acoustic shell, exhibition gallery, administrative offices and sanitary services for visitors, as well as a walking track, special attractions for children such as swings, and the region’s most spectacular ceiba trees.

Adjacent to the Ricky Martin Foundation’s Tau Center on PR-188 in Loíza, the PHCMdelaC has ample parking and security.

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