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LUMA begins reconstruction on line connecting Salinas & Santa Isabel

Coamo Mayor Juan Carlos García Padilla, center

By The Star Staff

Coamo Mayor Juan Carlos García Padilla announced on Tuesday that LUMA Energy has begun reconstruction work on line 100, which connects Salinas with Santa Isabel, with the aim of improving the electrical system that currently keeps Santa Isabel, Coamo and Aibonito connected to a single line without backup.

Since the beginning of the crisis on June 1, García Padilla and Santa Isabel Mayor Rafael Burgos Santiago have demanded that LUMA repair lines 100 and 200, which were damaged after the passage of Hurricane Maria. Although at first the company did not agree due to the cost of the project, it has now decided to start the necessary work.

“They informed me the great news that LUMA finally understood the need to have line 100 in operation to give redundancy to the system,” García Padilla said in a written statement. “We cannot depend on the 4800 line alone. We made a fair claim for the residents of the three affected municipalities and they have told us that they have begun the work. This is a great achievement for everyone.”

The mayor added that with the installation of the transformer that will be transported to the Useras substation in Santa Isabel, along with line 4800 and line 100 in operation, residents of the affected municipalities will have greater energy security.

“This is what we have explained to the LUMA company since the system collapsed,” García Padilla said “I hope that in a few weeks we will be able to energize the transformer and line 100 for the benefit of families who have suffered a lot. We still have line 200, which is still necessary and which the company has to evaluate to continue strengthening the system.”

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