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LUMA Energy CEO not amused by Thanksgiving meme

By The Star Staff

LUMA Energy, the private operator of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s transmission and distribution system, reacted Wednesday to a “meme” that has gone viral on social networks and asked that the public ignore it.

The meme in question depicts a map of Puerto Rico that details by color the hours of service interruption, as a measure, says the meme, to alert the public “when you can cook your turkey” on Thanksgiving.

“We will always communicate the official information of LUMA through our web channels, app, and social networks. Do not pay attention to information or images that may appear on other networks or pages,” LUMA President & CEO Wayne Stensby said in a press release, apparently finding no humor in the meme. “These could be false and malicious as is the case with some memes.”

Stensby thanked his clients for their feedback and their “continued collaboration.”

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