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LUMA Energy insists contract is lawful, officials will go before island Legislature

By The Star Staff

LUMA Energy officials insisted on Monday that the company’s contract with the Public-Private Partnership Authority (P3A) and the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) complies with the law, and said they will make themselves available to legislators.

“LUMA Energy is at the disposal of legislators to appear at public hearings and answer all the questions they may have to ask,” LUMA Energy said in a written communication through its press spokesperson, Olga Vélez.

“It should be remembered that the contract complies with all the laws of Puerto Rico, including the Public-Private Partnerships Law (Law 29 of June 8, 2009, as amended), the Law to Transform the Electrical System of Puerto Rico (Law 120 of June 20, 2018) and the Energy Transformation and Relief Law (Law 57 of May 27, 2014),” Vélez added.

On Jan. 2, the island House of Representatives and Senate filed resolutions to investigate the contract between PREPA, P3A and LUMA Energy.

“LUMA will need to recruit thousands of employees to make the transformation of the island’s electrical system a reality and provide Puerto Ricans with the reliable service they deserve,” the LUMA Energy statement reads. “PREPA employees have been and are the priority in all recruiting efforts, as they have the experience and knowledge necessary to achieve the objectives of the contract. No PREPA employee will lose their job as a result of this transaction.”

“On the other hand, and as established by Law 57, LUMA does not have and will not have the authority to determine changes in rates,” the statement says. “The law clearly establishes that the [Puerto Rico] Energy Bureau is responsible for evaluating, determining and setting rates, and this is stated in the contract.”

“Puerto Ricans are eager for a true change that will provide them with an electrical system that allows their economic development and a better quality of life for all,” the statement adds. “LUMA remains focused on its mission of restoring and transforming Puerto Rico’s electrical system into one that is reliable, resilient, sustainable and customer-focused, at reasonable prices.”

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