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LUMA ordered to prepare plan for EV charging system

Puerto Rico Energy Bureau Chairman Edison Avilés Deliz

By John McPhaul

Puerto Rico Energy Bureau (PREB) Chairman Edison Avilés Deliz announced on Monday that LUMA Energy was ordered by resolution to present the first phase of its plan for the distribution of energy for electric vehicles (EV) on the island.

“This resolution is the result of the effort and input of the different sectors related to the industry,” Avilés Deliz said in a written statement. “It is a combination on par with any private sector management, since the current legal framework allows it; even long before this novel alternative became a matter of public discussion.”

As part of its preparation, the regulatory entity this year requested and has received the comments of Cambio PR, the Electrician Experts Association, the Independent Office for Consumer Protection, the energy public policy program of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, Mr. Ángel Rodríguez and Tesla Inc.

In addition to outlining its jurisdiction on the matter, the PREB emphasizes, as part of its determination, the importance and need to implement an energy system with a low dependence on oil and the eradication of the generation of coal-based energy, promoting more efficient alternative or renewable energy systems.

Planning for the aforementioned implementation, Avilés Deliz said, has been developed, “in constant dialogue to ensure compliance with Article 3 of Law 33 of 2019, which expressly includes the electrification of motor vehicles.” The document, having highlighted the relevance of the workshop held on the subject last September, establishes that in January and February the second and third workshops will be held, aimed at discussing both the criteria to be considered as priorities in the strengthening and development of infrastructure and in the optimal use of the pilot programs, respectively.

Among the main guidelines established by the PREB to LUMA Energy for the preparation of its plan, are from the obligation to consider the behavior, present and future, of the consumer, the deployment of the necessary infrastructure and technology in accordance with the demand and other elements of the market, and the locations and costs most appropriate to the network available over time in each geographic region of Puerto Rico.

Likewise, LUMA must submit, on or before May 31, 2022, its proposal to configure a rate process that encourages recharging outside peak hours and that addresses different aspects and trends related to the diversity of uses for which electricity is offered at the charging point and the growth and desirability of the installation of energy storage systems.

LUMA Energy must present the first phase of its plan on or before Sept. 1, 2022, after having participated in three technical compliance hearings scheduled for Feb. 25, May 31 and Aug. 31 of the same year.

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