LUMA to operate 25 customer service offices

By John McPhaul

LUMA Energy announced on Monday the customer service centers that will remain in operation, as well as the status of four customer service centers that are currently closed.

“The reopening of the Vieques and Culebra Customer Service Centers is being managed on a priority basis and will be announced in due course,” the company said in a written statement.

“LUMA, the company responsible for the operation of Puerto Rico’s electrical transmission and distribution system since June 1, 2021, is committed to providing customers with an exceptional service experience,” the company said.

LUMA Energy’s vice president of transformation, Don Cortez, stressed in a radio interview on Monday that the company’s customer service employees all speak Spanish.

“All the people who work in customer service [at LUMA Energy] speak Spanish,” Cortez said in a radio interview on the “Pegaos en la Mañana” program on Radio Isla. “Last week we received more than 100,000 phone calls. Throughout the island we served more than 22,000 consumers through customer service centers.”

Cortez said customer service employees are required to speak Spanish in order to work with LUMA Energy in Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, he confirmed that “yesterday [Sunday] there were problems with PREPA’s generation in the San Juan 5 and 6 units.”

“So when there is a generation interruption, there are quite a few power cuts if there is not enough generation in line,” he said. “There was a failure in the gas supply to the generation units. We don’t know what caused it.”

He added that the cause will be investigated.

The failure of power generation in units 5 and 6 caused blackouts in various parts of Puerto Rico.

Since the service contract took effect, LUMA has been responsible for operating the 25 existing offices, called customer service centers, which are listed as follows:

1. Arecibo; 2. Aguadilla; 3. Aibonito; 4. Caguas; 5. Carolina; 6. Cayey; 7. Culebra; 8. Fajardo; 9. Guayama; 10. Humacao; 11. Isabela; 12. Manatí; 13. Mayagüez; 14. Monacillos (San Juan); 15. Naranjito; 16. Palo Seco (Cataño); 17. Ponce; 18. Puerto Nuevo (San Juan); 19. San Germán; 20. San Sebastián; 21. Santa Isabel; 22. Utuado; 23. Vega Baja; 24. Vieques; 25. Yauco.

The customer service centers operate from Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The old offices in Cabo Rojo and Lares, which had been closed by PREPA since March 2020 and used to provide limited services, will remain closed.

The customer service center closest to Cabo Rojo that is operating regular hours is in San Germán, while the center closest to Lares that is operating regular hours is in San Sebastián.

All LUMA customers can contact customer service by phone at 1 844-888-LUMA (5862), through Facebook messenger (@lumapuertorico), or through the My LUMA service available at or by downloading the mobile application My LUMA, the company said.

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