Méndez Núñez urges governor to sign retirement law

By John McPhaul

Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Núñez, the minority leader for the New Progressive Party in the island House of Representatives, sent a letter to Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia on Tuesday requesting that the governor sign House Bill 120, which creates the Law for a Dignified Retirement with the purpose of establishing a public policy of zero cuts to the pensions of participants in retirement systems and people who have retired from public service.

“This bill put forth, authored by colleague Lourdes Ramos Rivera, has the support of all the delegations that make up the House of Representatives and it must be approved unanimously,” Méndez Núñez said in the letter to the governor. “Our retirees from public service, those men and women who with great sacrifice built modern Puerto Rico, deserve nothing else than that the Government fulfill its promise, as contracted through various laws on retirement and pensions.”

“During my tenure as Speaker of the House of Representatives, I fought, along with representative Ramos Rivera and the rest of our delegation, against any cut in the pensions of our retirees,” the veteran lawmaker added. “We were very vocal about this position -- zero cuts -- in all forums, including before Congress. In fact, from day one we established a public policy of not approving, wherever it came from, any legislation that would reduce the amount committed to retirees.”

Méndez Núñez continues in the letter: “Meanwhile, our party, the New Progressive Party, established in its government platform the defense of the rights of retirees from public service; today’s approval of HB 120 is part of that commitment, endorsed by the people at the polls during the general elections last November.”

“Given these realities, we request that when the Legislative Assembly sends HB 120 to you for your consideration, it be signed immediately for the benefit of over 200,000 retirees from public service,” the minority leader said in the letter. “Our pensioners deserve this commitment.”

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