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Madrid Fashion Week: Isabel Sanchis: Flowers and volume

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

This has been a Halloween weekend in paradise! The wind, the rain, the blackout. But you know what they say … the fashion shows must go on.

London Fashion Week’s calendar has been altered with some brands postponing or canceling altogether because of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. But in Spain, the runways were rocking and rolling all week at the 76th Edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Madrid.

We loved Lola Casademunt by Maite, Teresa Helbig, Pedro del Hierro, Maison Mesa, Dolores Cortés, Ulises Merida and of course, Isabel Sanchis, whose designs are on this page.

Sanchis’ SS23 Collection is a fabulous ode to modern women. Women who play. Women who live and women who love. This is an invitation to dress up and dare to be beautiful, different, sophisticated, unique. Ladies, make a statement.

Why wear a plain blazer when you can completely embellish it with soft feathers? Why go for boring pants when you can own fantastic trousers with sequin piping or chiffon hems?

Sanchis, a respected designer from Valencia with a career that spans 30 years, went all out in this collection, using “our flagship elements, flowers, volume, our history.” It has already been called “Best in Show” by international critics. The designer also used cutouts, ruffles and her signature technique, volume. But not just volume, supersized volume, architectural volume. Flawless. Dreamy, really.

Sanchis wanted a celebration of femininity and she achieved it. Pantsuits, jumpsuits, tiny bralettes, bubble skirts, skort suits, romantic silhouettes, flouncy dresses. Everything impeccably crafted.

Besides the spring essentials pink and fuchsia, Sanchis’ palette included orange, yellow, lime, white, blue and black. Fabrics include organza, chiffon, crepe and laser cut neoprene.

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