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Major video gaming event to be held in July

The event’s four coasts, or worlds, will be divided into the areas of virtual reality, retro, robotics and technology, and eSports.

By The Star Staff

On Friday, July 8, Pedrín Zorrilla Coliseum in Hato Rey will become the venue for the Red Rooster Gaming Island, an event where video game fans in Puerto Rico can enjoy 4 “coasts” with different experiences.

“On this occasion, we are organizing something very different from what people are used to,” said Roberto Morales, brand manager of Team Red Rooster, the first professional eSport team in Puerto Rico, in a written statement. “Attendees will enjoy four seasons that we have called coasts or worlds, in which they will live a unique experience.”

The four coasts or worlds will be divided into the areas of virtual reality, retro, robotics and technology, and eSports. Meanwhile, independent video game development associations will have their games developed in Puerto Rico for attendees to experience for the first time. There will also be an area for collectors to exchange cards such as Pokémon, NBA and tennis, as well as basketball courts for the enjoyment of physical sports.

Red Rooster Gaming Island will be for the enjoyment of all video game fans, but it will also be designed to offer summer camps a different and unique experience.

“In this event, we intend to continue educating people about eSports and all its facets, including the economic potential it represents for Puerto Rico,” said the captain of Team Red Rooster, Ricardo “Mono” Román. “I would love for children and young people who are interested in gaming to know that we are developing events that promote the growth of the industry in Puerto Rico.”

It was also reported that the Red Rooster Gaming Island is part of a collaborative agreement signed between the professional team and the Municipality of San Juan that allows the use of the sports facilities in the Capital City, and whereby, in turn, team members offer workshops and events in various San Juan communities.

César Cabrera, president of Techno Inventors, said that “for many years, we have developed what is the first technology-focused camp in Puerto Rico.”

“Our eSTREAM Academy students will go to Red Rooster Gaming Island for a unique experience,” he said.

Shirley McPhaul from the Puerto Rico Game Developers Association noted that “video games are currently being developed in Puerto Rico.”

“We have a lot of talent that unfortunately has to leave Puerto Rico to develop a career in the industry,” she said. “Our focus is to be able to develop a sustainable ecosystem on the island so that the industry continues to grow.”

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