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Man arrested after alleged death threat against top table tennis player Díaz

Adriana Díaz (Puerto Rico Olympic Committee)

By The Star Staff

According to an investigation by authorities, last Saturday Héctor de Jesús Cancel arrived at table tennis athlete Adriana Díaz’s residence in Utuado, where she lives with her family, and from his vehicle, pointing at her and shouting her name, threatened to kill her.

De Jesús Cancel, 67, again threatened Díaz through his social networks. He was arrested at his residence in Quintas de Levittown in Toa Baja, after he failed to appear in court.

Three charges were filed against the subject for threats, intrusion into personal tranquility and disturbing the peace. The Utuado Court imposed a bail of $70,000.

The preliminary hearing was set for June 5.

Díaz, 23, is a two-time Olympian who is currently No. 11 in the women’s table tennis international rankings.

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