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Man arrested for animal abuse in San Juan

In the confined area in which the dog was found, it was established that it did not have water or food.

By The Star Staff

San Juan Municipal Police Commissioner José Juan García said Thursday that after municipal agents visited the home of Wayne Newman Morales home in Santurce, they established that he had been keeping a dog in terrible condition.

After consulting with a prosecutor, the agents filed animal abuse charges against Newman Morales.

On Oct. 12, an anonymous call was received alerting police to a dog in poor condition in a house at Stop 25 in Santurce. Upon the agents’ arrival at the residence, an emaciated, hairless dog with reddish skin and long curved legs was found. In the confined area in which the canine was found, it was established that it did not have water or food.

“In that first visit, the owner of the place where the animal was found was told to immediately take the animal to the veterinarian. Lieutenant Norileen Vidal, from our Municipal Animal Cruelty and Abuse Investigation Unit, accompanied the individual to the Good Shepherd Clinic with the dog and the veterinarian, Dr. Floreli de Gracia, determined with her proper certification, that the dog had not had proper veterinary care for a long time,” García said. “In this context, prosecutor Edmanual Santiago Quiles was consulted, who left the case open until yesterday in the afternoon for the owner to take the appropriate measures.”

However, when the authorities returned to visit the residence Wednesday, the dog was observed to have less hair and, with redder skin, was under the sun in midday and without water on the balcony of Newman Morales’ house. The canine was taken back to the vet, who said Newman Morales did not follow the instructions given to him two days ago, so he was taken into custody and the dog was taken to the San Juan Animal Control Center for care.

Newman Morales was placed under arrest and wrongful abuse and animal abuse charges were filed.

Judge Marangely Colón imposed a bail of $5,000, which Newman Morales paid, García said.

“However, we want to send a clear message that according to the public policy of Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo, the municipal police will prosecute without delay all those responsible for mistreating an animal,” the police commissioner added. “The law is forceful against those who commit these serious offenses and we will take them to the judicial authorities. If you know of any case of animal abuse we urge you to call our specialized unit at 1-844-627-2682.”

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