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Man charged with attempted femicide

Justice Secretary Domingo Emanuelli Hernández

By The Star Staff

Justice Secretary Domingo Emanuelli Hernández announced Monday that the Carolina Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against Alberto L. Rivera Pomales for trying to kill his wife, from whom he was separated, last Saturday, June 1, in Trujillo Alto.

According to the investigation, on Friday, May 31, the defendant intercepted and chased the victim with his vehicle, after the woman left a ball game with her children.

Subsequently, the man left and the victim went home and went to bed. In the early hours of Saturday morning, Rivera Pomales broke into the victim’s home and stabbed her multiple times in the presence of her children, some of whom were minors, who intervened to stop him.

At the same time, the man threatened to kill her, according to the investigation by agent Liz Padilla of the Puerto Rico Police Bureau’s Domestic Violence Division.

Prosecutor Ángel Pérez Sánchez, of the Specialized Unit for Domestic Violence, Sexual Crimes and Child Abuse, formulated seven charges against the accused, which include attempted femicide, the carrying and use of bladed weapons, domestic violence, in the form of abuse by threat and aggravated abuse, and abuse of minors.

“Fortunately, the victim survived the attack by her aggressor and the criminal prosecution began in just hours, because of the required evidence,” the Justice secretary said. “In addition to representing her in the judicial process, at the Department of Justice we will provide the necessary support and help to her and her children.”

Judge Wilfredo Viera Garces of the Carolina Court of First Instance found cause for arrest yesterday on all the charges brought by the Prosecutor’s Office, and set bail at $70,000.

Rivera Pomales’ defense deferred to the court’s determination. The accused man posted bail but was placed under electronic supervision, which entails the placement of a shackle.

The preliminary hearing was set for June 13.

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