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Man charged with femicide in Naguabo slaying

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Police Police Bureau and the island Department of Justice said Thursday that criminal charges have been filed against Jeison Rijos Martínez, 23, of Naguabo, who is charged with the crimes of femicide, destruction of evidence and Weapons Law violations in connection with the discovery of the body of a woman in an abandoned residence in the eastern coastal town.

According to the police report, the victim was identified as Judith Torres Pantoja, 40. It is believed that Rijos Martínez, using a knife, killed Torres Pantoja, with whom he had had an intimate relationship.

Officials said the charges were consulted with prosecutor Daniel Feliciano of the Specialized Unit on Gender Violence, who instructed authorities to file the corresponding charges.

The evidence was presented before Judge Carlos Capó of the Court of Humacao, who determined cause for arrest and set bail at $3 million, which was not provided, according to the police report. Rijos Martínez will remain in a prison institution until the preliminary hearing on June 7.

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