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Man charged with strangling partner, then assaulting hospital guards in Ponce

By The Star Staff

A man was booked into jail in Ponce earlier this week after failing to pay bail imposed on charges of aggravated abuse of his partner under Act 54, Puerto Rico’s domestic violence law, two counts of assault and one count of violating section 6.06 of the Weapons Act related to the use of a knife.

According to the police report, on Monday, José Muñiz García, 21, grabbed his partner by the neck, and after that incident the accused assaulted two security guards at San Lucas Hospital in Ponce, where he was arrested.

“Strangulation is the deadliest form of domestic violence. In this case the victim is a survivor of non-fatal strangulation, but is definitely in imminent danger,” Justice Secretary Domingo Emanuelli Hernández said in a written statement. “For this, having obtained the required evidence, the Specialized Unit of the Ponce Prosecutor’s Office immediately filed charges. Domestic violence cases are a priority at the Department of Justice and we continue to implement tools to streamline their prosecution.”

Judge Ángel Candelario Cáliz determined cause and imposed a total bail of $200,000, which the accused did not post. Muñiz García was admitted to the Sgt. Pedro Rodríguez Mateo correctional complex in Ponce.

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